oh, and girl gave me this yesterday.  she knows me so well sometimes.

oh, and girl gave me this yesterday.  she knows me so well sometimes.

What the fuck did I miss today?

I woke up late for work and hauled ass and just got home now.  What’s going on with Oakland?  I’m hearing something about city hall getting trashed.

Ugh. Fuck this too.  And I have to say the guy posting it is really starting to piss me off.  I understand you’re a cop but seriously, you’re fucked in the head if you believe your own bullshit.

Ugh. Fuck this too.  And I have to say the guy posting it is really starting to piss me off.  I understand you’re a cop but seriously, you’re fucked in the head if you believe your own bullshit.

I'm curious, from a british viewpoint on the occupy movement, with the media pretty much avoiding the protests, has this actually changed anything or have these actually been beneficial?

I wrote up a big response before and it seems to have failed to post so I’ll try to say what I did before. 

First, I’ve been a bit out of the loop, my computer died so I’ve not been able to keep up with all the recent news on it.  From my perspective though, Occupy has opened up a dialogue that’s not really been touched much before.  Everyone would sort of grumble about how the economy has gone to shit and left it at that.  Now people are going into the reasons and trying to find answers to the problems.  It’s caught the attention of politicians and many are now taking it more seriously as an issue that needs to be handled.  

It’s all about making the small steps to make it better in the long run.  I know everyone hopes for an overnight answer but you’ll never see it to any big problem.  It’s the same way how George W. Bush spent 8 years messing up the economy and then everyone expected Obama to fix it overnight.  For the 3 years he’s put in so far, he’s done a pretty good job turning things around.  

I know it’s a bit of a vague answer but it’s still a very young movement and there’s potentially a long history to be made by it.  Hopefully it was at least a somewhat satisfactory answer.

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So A few weeks back I changed my motto on Xbox Live to read “Occupy wall street” and my service tag in halo to be “OWS”  Not much but if a few people pay more attention then great.  So anyways, I was just playing Halo Reach and I get a message in the pregame lobby from one of the other players…  (See Pic 1)  I’m also the highest rated player in this particular match which may have had something to do with the comment.

So rather than sending a message back…I went out of my way to make the game miserable for him.  Killing him constantly and beating on his corpse.  Rather appropriate that I happen to have a flaming head in game.

I then kicked and kneed him into a river. (ok, I was really teabagging him but the screencaps make it look better…)

Mature?  Fuck no.  But sometimes, I’d rather be the lesser person and just beat your face in for mocking what I believe in.

I mean, i'm all for piece, but this whole occupy movements just stupid, nothings going to happen, your not going to get change.

You ever notice whenever someone is about to say something stupid they usually lead into it like that?  ”I’m not racist, but…”, “I’m not a misogynist, but…”, “I’m all for peace, but…”  
You know what else I’ve noticed?  The people who seem to be against OWS, at least the ones who step up and post about it in my ask box, are entirely outside of the US.  

This is you:

Funny how you guys decide to speak up when something has potential to become a new American Revolution. 


It’s you’re, not your.

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Sexual assaults, drug sales, drug use and overdoses are happening in OWS ghettoes all over America. Other common problems include the great unwashed masses publicly urinating and defecating in areas around occupied parks. Open your eyes! The OWS are allowing junkies, dealers and criminals into their camps and have no resources or power to get them out. Try to explain the difference between squatters and the OWS.

I have opened my eyes!  I’ve been there!  Open your own!  I won’t deny that what you’ve listed has happened but it’s not the majority of the people there doing these things.  On top of that, the junkies, dealers, criminals, ect have mostly been pointed there by the police in what appears to be an attempt to discredit the movement.  There’s been many reports of recently released criminals from Rikers being told to go there.  OWS has been welcoming of all people from what I’ve seen and have tried to help anyone who’s needed it.  Sometimes there’s people there looking for a free ride or to cause some trouble and from what I’ve seen, they’re removed quickly.  

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So let’s just recap my past 18 hours or so.

  • Monster blowup with my cousin and by associative property, her mother and sister slandering me, my brother and our mother.
  • I have a minor shit-fit at work because I get yelled at by the store supervisor for checking a text message (not in front of a customer and literally under 5 seconds) but she can sit in the office during peak hours playing words with friends on her phone.  Hypocrisy tends to set me off.
  • Find a message on our answering machine from my aunt calling me a worthless scumbag, saying that I’m worse than my father (who is, in fact, a complete dirtbag) and to get a job.  Funny how people love saying that, even when you’ve held one down for 4 years…
  • Find out that there’s a major fire that was causing massive damage across the bay on the Fire Island Pines.  This particularly hit my mother worse than me but you know that feeling that cuts right through you when you see your mom really upset?  Yeah, that wasn’t fun.  She insisted I take her to the water to try and see it from across the bay.  It wasn’t very clear from here but it was bad.
  • THEN I come home and hear about the raid on Zuccotti Park.  I watched multiple video streams the entire night and I only continued to be more and more horrified and heartbroken as the night went on.  I still am a bit in shock over everything I saw.
  • Oh and then watching Bloomberg and Ray Kelly spewing off line after line of bullshit to try and sound justified and like they’re actually for the protesters was a great little cherry on top of the pile of shit.

I’ve never felt such overwhelmingly emotional in such a short period of time in my entire life.  I’m fried.  I’ve not slept and at this point have no intention of doing so till after dark.  I just need something tremendously good to happen to try and balance out my mood even a tiny bit.

Maybe it’s just me being from New York and typically having great pride in such a wonderful state but watching everything going down on livestream right now is so heartbreaking to me.  I will make no attempt at hiding that this has me in tears.  It feels like I’m watching my own family have everything taken away from them and destroyed.

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