Got a new #gaming #mouse…finally. It’s a bit #trippy. Music by @princessproblemsmusic #PrincessProblems - #BeastMode

I decided to finally start playing the Tomb Raider reboot on steam.  Holy shit, what a gorgeous fucking game.

Well, here's the thing. If his parents are going to sit down and explain the mature themes to him, then that's one thing. But, what is the likelihood of that happening? I don't mean to pass judgment, but I'm going to say that it's slim to none.


From what I’ve seen spending time in shops and from frequently talking to a friend who used to run her own game shop, less than 10% of parents will show any concern over the content of a game.  The woman who ran the shop is a mother of two kids, both under 15 and would watch very carefully what they played.  She’d do her research on what they’d play.  Halo was fine but games like GTA and Manhunt were off limits to them.  She’d refuse to sell M games to anyone underage without a parent present and would frequently get parents coming in pissed that their kid couldn’t buy an M rated game on their own, forcing the parent to be inconvenienced into take part in their child’s life.  Never would the parents care about the content, just that they got stuck going to a game store to get whatever the game was.  

It’d be nice to see parents give a shit about what they expose their kids to and at least take the time to analyze the content and explain it so the kid gets a chance at coming out with a clear perspective of right or wrong.  Most kids are just left to figure it out on good faith that they know better.

#PlantsvsZombies endless survival was my morning.  42 waves of insanity. Why do I do this to myself? #PvZ #plants #zombies #popcap #xbox #xbla #towerdefense #gaming #videogames

#PlantsvsZombies endless survival was my morning. 42 waves of insanity. Why do I do this to myself? #PvZ #plants #zombies #popcap #xbox #xbla #towerdefense #gaming #videogames

You guys… I can’t decide what to play. #firstworldproblems. Suggestions? Nothing with all the achievements done already.

Did I ever show you my #NES collection? I’m actually missing about 10 games and one more console in this pic.

Did I ever show you my #NES collection? I’m actually missing about 10 games and one more console in this pic.

For a game that’s been out over 2 years RAGE holds up pretty nicely.

I’m about 22 hours into my Ultra Nightmare difficulty run and it’s still playing like it came out recently.  Tons of great easter eggs hidden all around the game too!

Can anyone convince me that there’s good enough games for the 3DS to buy one?

Cause I just noticed how fucking gorgeous the purple one is…

I’m kinda having a hard time justifying the idea that it’d be worth it since I couldn’t think of a single game worth it that’s not some form of a remake.  Not to mention I almost never use my DS anymore.

Hmm…that’s not a #terminal… #secret #halo4 #easteregg

Hmm…that’s not a #terminal… #secret #halo4 #easteregg

Weird thought

Ok so do any of you who play first person shooters (Portal counts for this) get bugged out when you jump off a high ledge/platform?  It’s starting to become an issue for me in gaming in the last few years and wanted to see if it’s just me or not.  I’m having it occasionally in Borderlands 2 and had it happen often in Portal 2.  I’ll jump off a high ledge and my body will start to react as if it’s actually experiencing this fall.  I’m not quite sure how to accurately describe it.

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