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misschanadler-bong said: love your hair!

Thank you!  I’m still kinda adjusting to it since it’s the shortest my hair has ever been but I’m really digging it!  

@serpentinesibilance said:Awesome job with the blood splatter!

Thanks!  I’m super proud with how it came out.  I love how the pants came out too, gimme a sec, I’ll upload the one shot that got posted to the Escapist.

@ifitkillsthefat answered: What is your job? Why do you like WWE? Why won’t anybody talk to me on here?

1. I won’t say exactly what due to a blogging policy I had to sign but I work retail.  Not thrilled at it but I’m damn good at my job.

2. I like WWE cause it’s capable of being a little of everything in one show.  You get excitement, you get drama, you get athleticism, you get some crazy stunts, you get a little romance and comedy here and there.  Hell, I got a bit of a role model from them back in 2006.  Back then I saw something I’d never seen represented on TV before in CM Punk, someone who identified as straight edge and was incredibly proud of it.  It was pretty great to have someone on such a large stage who I could Relate to and feel like represented me.

3. Nobody talks to you because you’ve got a picture of a naked man as your profile pic, for starters.  If they even bother clicking through to your page from there, the first text you see is your description reading “I DO IT ― SWEATING AND STARVING ― SKINNY BOYS AND FIT MEN”  So you’re saying front and center, though maybe not in the exact terms, that you’re pro-anorexia and that, quite frankly is just fucked up, not to mention against Tumblr’s user agreement.  I’ve gone back and forth since my teens struggling with anorexia, it’s fucking disgusting to find people who encourage that shit.image

Additionally, pretty much nobody on here gives a shit about naked guys.  Go look at any blog that takes nude submissions from anyone.  The guys will get few, if any notes and the women will get plenty of attention.  Just comes with the territory on here.  Also, random naked dudes on here just give off a creepy vibe pretty badly.

cvmfest said: ship ur horse head to me and we can be friends#

I cant!  It belongs leftfac3.  She gave it to me to pack since I was taking all of mine in a big box already.  And we’re totally friends already, don’t even!

My night

Is gonna be filled with

  • tons of laundry
  • some packing
  • some cleaning
  • watching a lot of the WWE Network
  • and more or less just a ton of PAX prep

Feel free to drop some asks in my inbox to help fill what gaps of time I’ve got?



  • Scared?:What’s an irrational fear or phobia of yours?

I’m really scared of being alone in the long run but that’s so common, it’s kinda hard to call it irrational.

Actually irrational on the other hand, I’m incredibly scared of driving (or being a passenger) over bridges at night.  There’s around here that are pretty isolated and have no real lighting around them at all and driving over them at night puts this fear in me that something will happen, nobody will find the car for days to know at the bottom of the Great South Bay.

You should change your bio now that your 25

Good catch!  I swear I did the other day preemptively.  Funny thing is I just did on my other blog but not on here too!  Thanks for the heads up, anon!

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