kissing-whiskey answered: what system?

I’ll be playing on Steam and streaming on twitch.

What do you think of when you touch yourself? What really turns you on?

Oh anon, I can’t give away all my secrets for everyone to read!

  • Anonymous

No, thank you sir.

Oh my. Why is always anons who come up with stuff? I can respond in private if you’re not anon. :)

  • Anonymous

I have gotten off to the thought of you.

I… thank you? I don’t really know how to react to this.

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cthulove said: RIP 2 my wallet tho

I joined Steam just a few days before the Summer sale hit last year.  I was over 100 games by the time it was over…

a year later and…


Yep, Riley lost his matches and I don't think you're missing too much on his front. A lot of people hate him on Nxt commentary but fuck them, smh. He also interviews people once in a blue moon, so he does a bit of everything now. He's like, one of the only guys that does everything, lol.

I didn’t mind him when I’d catch him on Main Event commentary and now I only really see him come in for the pre/post shows on the Network  It feels like him and Byron Saxton seem stuck in the same place.  I guess Josh Mathews paved the road for them to come in on the developmental show and then end up doing more on mic than in the ring. :/

  • Anonymous

Riley does wrestle, he wrestled in some Nxt shows recently.

No shit?  Good for him!  I’ve actually missed seeing him in ring.  I’ve been slowly watching NXT from the very start so I’m way behind on what’s current from them.  Still stuck in the NXT redemption season.

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cthulove answered: i think it is national doughnut day but idk google is too far for me to reach

That’s a thing?  …of course it is.  Seems odd for them to celebrate that of all things.

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